The Floating Head of St Nick

Submitted by windupkitty December 14th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

The dollar store always delivers. Here is a floating Santa head giving a great big thumbs up! He digs Christmas for sure! And he has excellent taste in jewelry; check out the ice on his middle finger! He needs to wash his beard though, there are chipmunks in it. And candles and bells, and flowers and a tree….not to mention the bunch of grapes and bottle of booze….I guess you can’t complain about finding booze in your beard though…

The nice thing is that if you get tired of the previous picture, you can flip him over. The theme is repeated, but the chipmunks have grown and he is less glittery. All in all, you’re looking at a decoration that covers a lot of ground, and only for $1.

3 Responses to “The Floating Head of St Nick”

  1. Allee Willis

    An excellent dollar store find! What I like about this is what I like about a lot of dollar store finds–that there is so much going on above and beyond the call of duty. It wasn’t enough to give Santa a few grapes in his hair and some bells for earrings but then they had to give him jewelry, something to smoke and a bunch of drunk chipmunks having a picnic in his beard. Not to mention all the assorted stars, mistletoe and gold ribbons. You always get what you pay for at the dollar store.