Youmacon 2012 In Detroit

Submitted by Nessa December 15th, 2012
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I was back in Detroit recently for Youmacon 2012, Detroit’s largest and oldest Japanese animation & culture festival.  Founded by friends of mine, I am on the staff and have attended every Youmacon.  This year we took over not only the Renascence Center, but also a good portion of Cobo.

Of course, once again there were costumes of all shapes and sizes…. like Sgt. Frog

Tetris bricks

Apple Jack the My Little Pony…

Link from the Zelda video games…

And me..

The view from my room wasn’t half bad.. I can’t stay at the Ren Cen because that many floors is just a little too high for me.  (Years ago I asked for a “low floor” and they gave me floor 31!!)  As it was, I got stuck in the elevator in my hotel and almost died of a panic attack.. haha.. I usually take the stairs and get a little freaked out when I can’t do so.

Please see more at my Youmacon 2012 Flickr Set:

2 Responses to “Youmacon 2012 In Detroit”

  1. Allee Willis

    Of course I’m partial to anything happening in Detroit. And, thanks to you, I’m very partial to Youmacon for having the balls and good sense to always hold their festival in Detroit.

    I absolutely love the little pea head Sgt. Frog on the guy in the suit in the 2nd photo. And love the Tetris bricks and human costumes too. You’re quite fetching in those golden locks. Who are you?

    Does everyone hand make their costumes?

    I was stuck in a elevator the day after Thanksgiving this year. I’m with you re almost dying of a panic attack. My worst nightmare in the world. I am known for saying that I would rather go up in a spaceship than an elevator.

    So what hotel did you end up staying at?

    • Nessa

      My costume is Julia from a video game called Rune Factory 2.

      People who enter the costume contest are required to have made at least 80% of their own costume (unless they are under the age of 13.)

      But, a lot of people who don’t enter the contest commission a costume from somebody else, buy them online from China, or just slap things together from a thrift store or whatever. It’s a very creative process.

      I stayed at the hotel across the street, which is also a Marriott. It has a lot fewer floors, but really still too many for me!