Submitted by denny December 18th, 2012
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Sorry folks, for some reason it would let me “click and drag” these images from Flickr.  I love the signage in both pictures!

I would love a poster of this shot.  Love the name for sure!

Here’s some info:’s_Happyland

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  1. Celiene

    I want to go. There. I would have loved to see this (From WIKI):

    Of particular note was an antique German mechanical organ with elaborately carved animated musician figures who moved in time with the music. According to Mechanical Music Digest Archives, the organ was built by A. Ruth & Sohn of Waldkirch, Germany in 1910, and was the only one of its kind. It was installed in Nunley’s Rockaway facility for many years before he moved it to the Bethpage site. [9] The organ was rebuilt in 1948 and the 78-key book music system was replaced with a Wurlitzer-style 165 double-roll system. After Happyland closed, a collector named Gavin McDonough acquired the organ and restored it after several years’ work.