4 Responses to “I was an Erector Set Failure”

  1. Mark Milligan

    What I loved was how Santa brought me a set for Christmas when I was about 7.

    I was so excited, and of course that very day, being the ambitious type, wanted to build a ladder to the moon, but being ADD, ended up cobbling together some kind of weird Pre-Tim Burton “Nightmare Before Christmas” contraption that scared my sisters.

    Dad got serious, and decided to show me how to build something, maybe a crane, I don’t know now. We ended up with an ashtray full of cigarettes butts, screaming, then silence, and me the only one left in the room conspiring to fire off suction cup darts from my new pistol should the cat enter the room while I was reading my new children’s pictorial bible story book.

    The Holidays, nobody did them up like the Milligans in the 60’s.