6 Responses to “Early 80s beefcake playing cards”

  1. Allee Willis

    I own a few similar decks of these myself and also some matching glasses.

    These always looks so cheesy. I actually like the model in the top left who gets none of the irony of holding the hot dog. And I like how much time the art director took arranging the mustard too.

    Also dig the Mark Spitz look-alike on the top right who’s got his belt ready. Though my favorite has to be the guy on the bottom left with that ultra feminine scarf and the perfectly positioned straw. The outstanding feature of the guy in the bottom right is that they have the light positioned to highlight his armpit.

    All in all, a fantastic deck.

  2. cielito

    Yes Allee, keylight on the armpit! Imagine the casting call for the shoot too, the creative meetings, the budgeting, the approvals.

    I didn’t buy these from an antique shop! My sis was the original owner somehow. I wish I had the matching glasses. It is my dream that at least one of the models on these cards comes across this and posts his current picture.

    THank you for the certification!