The Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, PA

Submitted by denny January 9th, 2013
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This is the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, PA.  This very building is where they filmed “The Blob”.  There were many changes to this building over the years as you can see.  The next set of pictures is pretty much what it looked like when they filmed “The Blob” here…….I go here now and see classic films that they play on sundays. I believe “Child’s” is now PJ Ryan’s, the place I eat brunch at on sundays as well….

Love this theater!

Love this shot of the marquee.  (I took this pic).

The doors to the theater.

Here is some footage of “Blob Fest”:

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  1. denny

    WAIT! I just found out that the diner used in the film is actually in storage about 2 streets over from this main drag. Believe it or not, they don’t know what to do with it and the entire diner has a tarp over it. That is my next mission, to film the diner. Don’t you worry, I will find a way even if I have to name drop and give my Allee Willis speech to do it! All for awmok!

    Every October they hold the “Blog Festival” and recreate the scene when people exit the theater. I can’t wait. That I will film, that will also be my first interview “thing”…….I can’t wait to interview the nutty “Blob” followers.

  2. denny

    Nessa, I went on my weekly visit yesterday to see “Key Largo” with Bogie and Bacall. Nothing like seeing the classics on the big screen. Something also pretty intense about hearing the opening credit scores of Max Steiner or Franz Waxman in these films….

    Houdini performed here too back in the day.