5 Responses to “Gold Ornate Fork & Spoon Wall Hangings”

  1. Allee Willis

    How tall are these babies?

    I love hanging silverware. Not sure how they got to be so trendy but I’m happy for it. I have a bunch hanging around on tiki huts outside.

    Are these carved out of wood?

  2. BeeJay

    I remember there was a trend in the 70´s to hang HUGE wooden Fork & Spoon sets on the wall and when I was a kid I always wondered what they are for. My parents had some carved Tiki style ones that were about one meter long and today I would be happy to own them, but they can´t remember what happened to them. I guess they sadly landed in the trash when it got out of fashion.
    I´ve never seen some in gold though, sweet.

  3. michaelmishaw

    Nope. They come from the same molded plaster from which the gold fish was made. They are “vintage”, so their gold spray paint has dulled a bit, or should I say petrified? Guess thats what makes them look a bit more woody now.