Never Put This On Anything

Submitted by windupkitty January 27th, 2013
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I know the QoK lives for stuff like this and I appreciate the kitschiness of it, but I am fully against anyone ever ingesting it.

Being a cheese lover myself, I relish the fact that there are so many incredible cheeses to choose from. In fact, in the warmer months, my neighbors and I often get together and eat too much of it (among other things). Here we have 5 choices. And none of them are cheese. It’s just not right. But it is very colorful…festive, even…and it all looks absolutely disgusting. The celery alone is making me dizzy.

But this takes the cake…how about a close-up of some nonfood created by a profit-driven industry that cares nothing about nutrition (or the joys of cooking)…Yeah, it’s kitschy and hilarious, but it still kinda makes me mad that is was ever created…and just, EW!! There must be a support group somewhere for people who used to eat this stuff. At least, I hope there is. And I hope its members are OK…

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4 Responses to “Never Put This On Anything”

  1. Nessa

    They still make this stuff! I’m not a regular consumer of it, but I will say it’s good for taking with you when you are going somewhere that won’t have reliable refrigeration. (Camping, road trips, etc.) It has a different name now. It’s called Easy Cheese. The name changed when Nabisco sold it to Kraft, or got bought by Kraft, or whatever happened.