Some Vintage Craft Stuff

Submitted by Nessa January 28th, 2013
Certifikitsch Winner

I’m always buying old craft and sewing stuff, both for my own collection/use and for my Etsy shop.  I love the cool packaging that some of this craft stuff comes in.  Check out these mod sequins!  I have a bunch of these Hi-Lites sequins, I see them frequently.  I think a lot of people must have liked the packaging and never opened them.

This package of golden cord has a swirly font.  Hills on the price tag was a regional department store in this area, think K-Mart-ish, but better, in my opinion.  They got bought out by Ames and eventually closed completely.  I miss them.

The true kitsch crafter can never have enough GLITTER!

Twinklets is a great name for glitter.  Made in Michigan!

Design Trims~  Be your own designer!

Here’s some cool hippie-tastic zodiac-print seam binding I picked up a few weeks ago.

Twinkle Tye ribbon!  Lick it and stick it!

Check out this cool psychedelic “Love” grosgrain ribbon I found.

Look at this!  I found about 30 yards of this floral trim at a flea market!  I’ll probably use some of it on a dress or a purse or some pants or something and sell the rest by the yard.  It is really beautiful!  The original price on the roll was 69 cents a yard!  Trim like this today would probably cost you $7 or $8 a yard or even more.

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  1. Allee Willis

    What a stash! I buy stuff like this all the time. The problem is I can’t stnd opening vintage packages. So I never use the stuff and it just piles up. But nothing more beautiful than vinatge craft packages. And you got some GEMS here.