French Poodle Clock

Submitted by Nessa February 3rd, 2013
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My mother always buys the best gifts… and for my birthday this month she found me a doozy!

This greeted me when I unwrapped the box…

Pink no less?!  And jeweled?! Well, I was pretty excited at this point.

OH my loooordy!!! It’s AMAZING!!!  And it’s not missing even one jewel!!!!

Of course, it works perfectly.  The lady who sold it to my mother told her that it hung in a jewelry shop’s display in a Huntington, WV.  After the display was done, it was put apparently put away in its box and sat there until the jewelry store closed, decades later.  It is honestly like brand new!

Original warranty card..

Catches the eye!  No foolin!

Of course I totally freaked out with glee at this wonderful gift.

6 Responses to “French Poodle Clock”

  1. windupkitty

    Gorgeous!!!! Nessa, message me if you want info about these! I have collected Kit Cat Clocks since childhood…your mom really DID find you a doozy with this one!!!! It’s rare to find boxes in such perfect condition (the pink color does commonly fade though :( ) Be careful about running it as the motors do need maintenance and cleaning. Sometimes these old ones will run just fine and then the next thing you know, the motors melt! Gorgeous and congrats on finding such a fabulous one!!!! And Happy Birthday!!!