Totally Amazing Poodle Brake Light

Submitted by Nessa February 7th, 2013
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I found this totally incredible purple poodle at an antique shop.  But it’s not just any stuffed poodle.   It’s a stuffed poodle that is rigged up to sit on the back dash of your car and be a BRAKE LIGHT.  The EYES LIGHT UP.  It is so amazing.  Oh man.  I totally spazzed out when I saw this.  Be still my heart!

Oh wow!

Yes, it was $20, which I guess is a reasonable price.. but I was a bit short of cash at the time (as I had $0!)  But I might get it if it is still there when I go back.  I’m not sure I can live without it.

My grandpa was a mechanic and world-class tinkerer.  He put homemade back dash brake lights into all the cars he ever owned long before they were a requirement.   I know if he were still alive he would have wired this thing right up for me.  He might have thought it was pretty cool, too.

6 Responses to “Totally Amazing Poodle Brake Light”

  1. Allee Willis

    All I can say is I’m gasping for breath and would buy one for each of my little cars if the l’il pooches were still around. Definitely go back and get this!!! The fact that it’s still in the package makes me weep. I’m going to bet it still works as well, and even if it didn’t it would be easy to rig up.

    I have a poodle hood ornament. I won’t even let her see this or she’s going to want me to point the car in the direction of this thrift shop!

  2. windupkitty

    ARE YOU KIDDING!?!?!?!?! This is worth AT LEAST a million bucks!!! Skip a couple of meals and buy this immediately!!!!!! I really MUST insist!!!!!!

    So,so incredible!!! Can you imagine if the lot of us found this at the same time!?!? It would have been a throw down to end all throw downs!!!!!

    So jealous I can’t see straight!!!!!!!