Bacon, eggs, and sausage HAT AND PURSE – knitted baby!

Submitted by denny February 27th, 2013
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OMG, I can’t stand it!  Although I cannot carry the purse, I would certainly wear the hat!  I found out a friend overseas is going to attempt to make me the hat.  I am so excited.  Look at that hat, just look at it!  This comes from a vintage 70’s pattern!

8 Responses to “Bacon, eggs, and sausage HAT AND PURSE – knitted baby!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Completely jealous. Looks like they would never lay flay but who cares?? If you do get it made we must see photos of you modeling it immediately! (And then you must see if your friend can be hired to make more!)

  2. BeeJay

    I am the overseas friend who´s actually working on this hat :)
    I finished the hat without the breakfast attachments a few days ago, but it turned out TOO SMALL! Rather kids size.
    Just ordering wool for the next try so Denny can rock his breakfast on his head hopefully soon!

      • BeeJay

        That makes me happy, Allee. Usually I´m all specialized in knitting and crocheting Aliens, Robots and Flying Saucers. I have a little online store where I sell these. Earlier I used to make a lot of hats with different animal ears, fruit and other stuff on it, but as people nowadays can get crazy factory made hats for very low prices I couldn´t really keep it up as such a hat takes days of work and it wasn´t very profitable for me. But I´m always open for special orders and then Denny came along with the picture of this super-cute head-gear!