Adverts for Custom Kitschens

Submitted by windupkitty February 28th, 2013
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

YOu can have paisley….

Or corrugated aluminum…Either way, the result is completely hideous!

Of course, matching your shoes and handbag might be a no-no these days, but matching your fridge never goes out of style. I would love to have a kitchen that allows me to blend in so well. It’s actually a pretty good security feature when you think about it. I mean, pretty much only ninjas would be a match for you in this camouflage kitschen…The thugs in my neighborhood wouldn’t stand a chance!

Make sure you have the right fabrics before you choose, though…

And it seems like someone was attempting to copy some of BUbbles’ art in the gas gallery…

2 Responses to “Adverts for Custom Kitschens”

  1. Allee Willis

    Where was I when all of these appliance approaches were in vogue??

    I’m absolutely gasping for breath from the matching gown, wallpaper, appliance via “sliding panels” approach. Bubbles is gasping for breath at that big ol’ ham painting that if she ever gets off her big butt and paints again she will for sure be ripping off, having already excelled over the bacon and egg rendition featured under it. And wait…! Is that a painted cut-out cake that the Ali McGraw look-alike is holding? For that matter, is the paintbrush bucket on the floor a cut-out? Same question about the stove itself? OMG, I now see it’s the Tappan Gas Gallery and I’m going even more nuts over this. Camembert for all!

  2. windupkitty

    I know, I have never, ever seen any of these kitschen ideas implemented anywhere. I’m guessing people just weren’t into it and it didn’t last. NO to mention that it must take time and dough to change your kitchen around all the time. That Amana ad with the black and white flower pattern is insane and seizure inducing, but I still love it.

    And yeah, I knew you’d plotz over the gas gallery. Yep, everything is cut out like a collage. YOu notice it’s a real cut-out photo of cake she’s holding and the painted version above the stove? I swear they stole this from you. My favorite is the cut out photo of the cake stuck in the oven…