6 Responses to “Elmer’s CHEE-WEE’S!”

  1. BRBill

    Yes, she’s wearing a mask, for as you can see at the top of the advert, “From New Orleans, Home Of the Mardi Gras”, which reminds me, i still have to do Mardi Gras posts.
    I’m not sure if Elmer’s makes CheeWees in cans anymore, tho i think they may still be sold in bags. On closer inspection, that’s a really old advertisement, New Orleans 2, La, pre zip codes.
    I think they still make something like the mint bublets tho they may be under a different name and not in as many flavors. We’re also nearing Easter and that’s usually when the Elmer’s goodies come out in full force. I’ll have to scan some of the racks in the local stores and have a further report tho i can say that Elmer’s Goldbrick Eggs are da bomb, chocolate half eggs with pecans, mmm tasty…
    The CheeWeez are also a local cover band from NOLa that plays the area fairly often.

    • Allee Willis

      Ah ha, you are right! Serves me right for being too lazy to read the small type.

      The name ‘bublets’ is one of the best names I’ve ever heard. They used to make little bath pellets called something like that when i was growing up that i was obsessed with.

      Please do a through search of the shelves down there for us. And, as always, I await your Mardi Gras reports!