Part 2 – AS REQUESTED BY ALLEE: A photographic journey through the Northland Mall in Michigan!

Submitted by denny March 27th, 2013
Certifikitsch Winner

Christmas time at the Northland Mall with super tremendously christmas carolers!

It’s the hot n’ kold shop!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this fish sculpture!

A little bit of color in the Northland Mall……

Scary stone and bronze kiddy statue/sculpture….

There seems to be a circus animal theme at this mall.

Open air mall are coming back ya know!

2 Responses to “Part 2 – AS REQUESTED BY ALLEE: A photographic journey through the Northland Mall in Michigan!”

  1. Allee Willis

    BROILED INTO MY MEMORY and the marks are FOREVER there! I can still feel the thrill of pulling into the parking lot in the 1962 gold Plymouth (that i wished with all my might was a Chevy BelAir) that was my father’s work car to begin my weekly Saturday jaunt through those incredible sculpture gardens on my way to Sanders for my obligatory tuna sandwich and hot fudge sundae. Always a trip through Hudson’s and up-and-down those cement strips past every store. It wasn’t like there was a shopping mall on every corner everywhere then. There was no place else like this in the world. I definitely hope I have time on this trip coming up to The D to cruise through Northland and see what still exists. Then again, maybe this is something that’s better left to the broil marks on my brain….

  2. denny

    This is one time I would ever say this to Allee Willis, DON’T DO IT. I wouldn’t go back to the mall. I know when I went back to MY mall, it was really upsetting to see the changes. I still find it odd and fascinating that a shopping mall brought such pleasure and good times into so many of our lives. I could seriously turn my teen mall experiences into a post worthy of about 12 submissions to awmok!

    Now a days I avoid MY mall at all times. I never, ever go, I have my memories thank you very much,……