4 Responses to “My new record collection!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Polly And Her Pop is an incredible title but I’m hoping for Polly’s sake that that’s not really her pop as that relationship looks a little too close for comfort.

    The Womenfolk made very good use of their tablecloths.

    As for Interactive Dildo, what does the Statue of Liberty’s torch have to do with said pleasure object than the bottom is a perfect replica and the top is the perfect result of the use of said object which answers my question I suppose.

    Music for your plants is perfect.

    Harmonicats LPs are all classics.

    Very jealous of the Sing-Along in Yiddish LP.

    Quite an excellent stash. Did you get them all on one outing?

    • Celiene

      Believe it or not – the Polly is Polly Bergen! Her father is Bill Bergen. He was a singer and was on her TV show. I never knew Polly was a singer – I alway knew her as an actress. But I started finding her albums at estate sales etc. and was shocked to learn she was a singer first – since a teenager! She is a FANTASTIC singer! (And still alive & active at 82!) She was GREAT in the movie “Move Over Darling” with Jim Garner & Doris Day.

  2. Celiene

    I have that Harmonicats album. FANTASTIC wax! LOL – the Womenfolk look like refugees from the FLDS cult in Colorado City!