2 Responses to “Allee, it’s beautiful! Love you!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I can’t believe I finally have a clear copy of it to play too! I also can’t believe I had to pay over $60 to get it. And, of course, can’t believe that I didn’t even know it was coming out again. But then again it’s the music business so what else is new?! But I do love that I can finally go online and buy it without the vinyl being all scratched and without having to find a record player to play it on. So happy you were finally able to hear it, Ted!

  2. Ted Nimmo

    As I understand it, SONY owns most of the CBS catalogue now. I’m always excited when they crack open the vault and throw a little nibble back to us. I wish they’d crack it open a little wider so I could finish my Tammy Wynette collection.