4 Responses to “MY FAVORITE THING EVER: A seal dancing to my song “Boogie Wonderland”!”

  1. windupkitty

    While I’m not totally amazed that a nonhuman mammal has rhythm, I’m glad people are finally recognizing it! Maybe it will help people understand how we as mammals are not to terribly different and that we all deserve the same kindness, fair treatment and consideration. Be great if humans could even figure that out in regards to each other!

    Meanwhile, the biggest NON- surprise is that she was groovin’ to Boogie Wonderland. I mean come on, is that REALLY solid data!?! PLANTS would dance to it!!! It’s a groovy song written by an even groovier QoK! She woulda danced to that with no training whatsoever! She probably danced to it long before they caught her doing it! :)

    What a great video! I”m glad people are studying this stuff, especially if it helps gives animals recognition and a voice. I hope she isn’t always confined to that small pool and I hope they pipe in enough EWF to keep her happy!