6 Responses to “Burt Reynolds (enough said……)”

  1. Celiene

    OMG! I wish I still had the nude puzzle of him that I sold on Ebay! It would be perfect for the museum! He was wearing a football jersey with his back to the camera and his naked butt showing!

  2. Celiene

    LOL – it was! It was the 70’s. Everyone was hairy! You know what? I sell stuff on Ebay – and the 1960’s-1970’s playboys and other mags of the genre sell better because women were ‘natural’ back then. Men seem to prefer women with real boobs and not totally hairless – if you get my drift.

    Men with hairy chests suggested virility and sexiness.

  3. denny

    Hairy chests and natural boobies, ah the 70’s. What kills me is that my mom and dad had a neighbor couple over one night and they sat around the kitchen table putting the Burt puzzle together. It was all so hush hush and us kids had to stay in the living room. Such a fond memory form my youth…..:)