For That Dull Baby in Need of Refinishing

Submitted by windupkitty April 19th, 2013
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OK, Ok…it’s really a paint and/or coating to use over paint that your baby might see fit for gnawing. I’m not convinced this isn’t poisonous itself despite their claims. And call me crazy, but wouldn’t it be best to just get the lead paint covered stuff out of reach!?!

House Beautiful Ad 1968 courtesy of

2 Responses to “For That Dull Baby in Need of Refinishing”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m betting there was still SOME lead in that mix.

    Parents should spend time cooking tastier snacks and then baby wouldn’t have to munch on paint and parents wouldn’t have to buy special paint. Cute label though. Don’t get it mixed up with Gerber’s Baby Food…

  2. denny

    Leave it to Lady Wind-Up for finding something so insane. I think I needd to send this to my sister.

    I’ve come to the conclusion, sometimes babies scare me, especially ones covered in enamel.