4 Responses to “McDonald’s really did have SOUL”

  1. BRBill

    Aaargghhh, no don’t eat there Allee and Denny. Didn’t you hear they make the burgers from cows eyes and other gross parts. At least that was the rumor in the 70s. Then again, that never stopped us from making the trip.

  2. windupkitty

    This really bring back memories for me! Remember when the interior of McDonalds was brick, orange and yellow vinyl seats and there were planters and ferns everywhere!?! When I was a kid, a trip to McDonalds (as they suggest in the ad) was a very special family night out. There were no drive-thrus or quick fixes. The cashiers would even bring your food to the table sometimes! It was a step down from a diner which was not affordable AND there were “free extras” (ketchup packets, straws, napkins) according to my sticky fingers Grandmother (hey, when you’ve lived through the Great Depression…).

    Love to see this add and I wish I didn’t know the truth about McD’s now! From lack of nutrition, to the horrific factory farming they support, I now wish them nothing but the worst….but boy, when I was a kid, it sure was a treat to get a milkshake and french fries on a Friday night!