I’M MOVING TO FRANCE IMMEDIATELY! Check out this teeny tiny car!

Submitted by denny April 21st, 2013
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I think this car was manufactured in France.  I nabbed this pic from some blog I ran across and unfortunately it didn’t have a lot of details to the picture.  All it said was something about the car being in France.  This car makes me scream with glee!  I wish I could figure out more about the make and model!  Can anyone help?  Soooooooo amazing.

4 Responses to “I’M MOVING TO FRANCE IMMEDIATELY! Check out this teeny tiny car!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I want one NOW!!!!!!!!

    I saw one of these little cars on Pawn Stars on The History Channel this weekend. It was much boxier than this one but I was still ready to jump into my car and head to Las Vegas to buy it. If I didn’t think the markup was going to be times 10 I would have done it.

    I would seriously kill for this!!

  2. mike winer

    Being 6 foot 5 inches tall I would struggle to fit – but given the chance I would struggle and fold till I fitted

  3. denny

    Can you imagine an army of us driving these around. You just know that these are sitting in someone’s garage somewhere!

    I love teeny tiny cars.