12 Responses to “Amazing cat bed made out of suitcases!”

  1. windupkitty

    hahah! great idea! I’d do this if I could bring myself to destroy a vintage suitcase…don’t think it’g gonna happen though…

    • Allee Willis

      I’ve used baseballs and golf balls on a lot of prop furniture I made when I was designing sets in the 80s and 90s. You can see a shot of the golf couch I made for Just Say Julie, which ran from 1989 through 1991 on MTV. I handbuilt the entire set and every prop in it and the Astroturf couch in Julie’s living room, complete with sand trap ashtray and golf club and ball legs, was my pride and joy. You can see it by going to https://www.alleewillis.com/art/sets-props/index.htm and clicking on “Just Say Julie” and scrolling through the photos.

  2. denny

    You know, you can use our new place as another way to breathe life into some of the things you have in storage and to make room for other things in your unit. Not that I’m hinting or anything…..

  3. denny

    Well, we are listing the house this week. Ernie thinks things will happen pretty fast and we will be in LA with in the year, maybe by fall. who knows. It’s all so exciting. Some folks are telling us to rent for a bit upon arriving in LA to get to know certain areas we are looking to buy in…….

    WIND-UP, mascot costumes, really? lol