A Trip to the Kitchy Wonderland that is the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Part 2)

Submitted by Celiene May 22nd, 2013
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The Ferris Wheel.  Yeah – DO NOT rock the seat.  No, really.  Don’t.

Old School flume ride.  It is VERY high off the ground.  Fun fun.

It can get HOT in Santa Cruz.  You will want to go on this ride.  Or just walk to the beach and dive in.  Entrance to the Boardwalk is FREE – and so is the people watching.


The new Haunted Castle.  Normally, I love original stuff – but it was time.  Seriously.

Yeah.  Demonic.  Always fun for der kinder!

He thinks it’s funny, too.

Dude.  Lock you board.

Nice ride to take a rest, or to get from one end to the other quickly.  Quicker than walking, anyway.

You have been warned.

Laffing Sal had partners.  I have never seen a Blackie the Barker or a Sam.  Has anyone else?

“Their popularity as a Ballyhoo is a proven Natural.  Oh!  Yes!”

Hmm – a Ballyhoo – how often do you get to use that in a sentence?

AND the fun doesn’t stop at the entrance!  It’s Santa Cruz!  You NEVER know what you will see!!

Street legal?  You betcha!

Secret admission – I have always wanted to plaster a car with all kinds of kooky stuff.

5 Responses to “A Trip to the Kitchy Wonderland that is the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Part 2)”

  1. denny

    The skateboard lockers are killing me, I’ve never seen them before. Crowded amusement parks bother me a bit but I would love to go and photograph this place!

    The documentation in your posts is AMAZING!

  2. Celiene

    Ooh! If you come up, I’ll join you!! I’ll go to SC any day, any time. I love it there. I like anyplace that seems like you are going back in time. Did you know the Boardwalk & SC were used as the setting for the classic camp vampire film “The Lost Boys”? If you watch the film, a lot of the stuff you see is still there. If you do come up – make sure you take a short hop to the Surfing Museum, which is about as big as a postage stamp and crammed full of really great stuff! The entire town of SC is still a hippie haven. The whole city has a great vibe.

    Denny – It’s really not that crowded, since the beach is on one side. It’s totally open – but weekends in the summer can be a nightmare. And NO skatboarding on the boardwalk! Hence the lockers. I’ll bet someone in SC invented them! The ‘board’walk is actually cement (bummer) but it is raised off the beach.

  3. Celiene

    They have free concerts on the beach on Friday nights during summer. Hmm – Greg Kinh is isn’t doing it this year – but Eddie Money will be there as usual. Check it out – Allee – you’ll love the lineup!


    Denny – great opportunities to photograph. I can’t find my people of the boardwalk pics. It’s like ‘People Of Walmart’, but better!

  4. Planet Joan

    I grew up in Silicon Valley, and used to “cut class” to go to Santa Cruz. Do they still have the Cave Man that used to sit on the overhead tram ride? They used to creep me out, but I would miss them if they weren’t there.