2 Responses to “Had a little soul painted on the outside of my now defunct Grand Rapids MI record store”

  1. Allee Willis

    Fantastic! Love the interpretation of Mr. Gaye. Love the chartreuse green of the building too.

    I literally JUST finished watching I Need That Record about the demise of independent record stores, which of course were temples as far as I’m concerned. When did Beat Goes On close?

    Also love the foliage growing to complement Marvin’s beard.

  2. Bembacolora

    The foliage was unintentional…just me being a lousy gardener. Beat Goes On,sadly, closed this past October of 2012. Thirty-two years as a music schlepper down the drain, but what great years they were! I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Great lifelong friendships built through a love for music…who could ask for anything more? Now work for Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids and LOVE it, but my passion for music schlepping will always remain. Got a lot more kitsch to come…thanks for including me, Allee. Lovin’ the site!

    I MUST see this documentary you speak of!