Kitchy Business Card

Submitted by Celiene June 8th, 2013
Certifikitsch Winner

Who dat?  I posted somewhere here that my business card said Kitschologist!

I’m a kitsch kindred spirit.  If I had a Knick-Knackery, I would be the KnickKnackatorian.  Someone else had Knick-Knackery.  So I became the KnickKnackatorian.  Kind of like a librarian for knick-knacks.  Historian?  Kitschian?  Add the letters  ‘ian’ to the the end of anything and it sounds more important!  Same with ‘ologist’!

3 Responses to “Kitchy Business Card”

  1. Allee Willis

    Never enough uses of or spinoffs of the word “kitsch” said the head aKitschionado at The Allee Willis Museum Of Kitsch, who has been a collector, purveyor, and curator of such category for nearly half a century!

    How long have you had your shop? Would love to see some of your favorite items there right now. I was in Redwood City a bunch of times in the 90s when I was trying to get my (way pre MySpace and Facebook) social network, willisville, off the ground. I always scoured around for thrift shops but can’t remember making any significant scores. So very happy to hear that the KnickKnackatorium is holding down the fort!

  2. Celiene

    Hi Allee! I just have a shop on line. I haven’t been posting much on Ebay lately, cause ebay has pretty much gone down the toilet. I’ll start again and maybe they will not bury my stuff. Us small sellers are dying for somone to creat anohter ‘ebay’ like it was 10 years ago. Sigh.

    Denny – yes, that is a lamp. It’s from a standard template on Vistaprint. It is on a table with a tepot on the table and a painting leaning against the table. Cheap cards, there!