Vintage Politically Incorrect Pidgin Chinese Girl Valentine

Submitted by Celiene June 19th, 2013
Certifikitsch Winner

She’s so cute – but would not fly today!  She’s a stand-up valentine – the tab is where the signatures are.   Probably from the early 50’s.  Made by American Greetings, U.S.A. #V6400B

5 Responses to “Vintage Politically Incorrect Pidgin Chinese Girl Valentine”

  1. Celiene

    Allee! I can’t believe that went right by me!

    Denny – I think Jim and Lena sent it. But to who?

    I have to admit, I do love the old politically incorrect stuff. I don’t believe offense was intended.

    LOL – I’m addicted to METV & CoziTV. All the old shows. It’s unblievable whow many white pewople were all painted up to be Chinese, Indians, Mexicans, Gypsies, etc! And the way they talked (Via the script)! HYSTERICAL! The old Westerns are rife with them. I love ’em in all their cheezy goodness. But we all have our guilty pleaseures, eh?