One Response to “Sirloin Restaurant & Club”

  1. Allee Willis

    Beyond brilliant and one of my favorite restaurant names ever!

    We have a private joke aong my closest friends who went to a mind shrinking retreat together in Colorado in 1993. We were in the mountains, everything was very healthy – way out of my element. we took a drive and spotted a steak palce in a tiny town. It was named Sir-Loin, but without this brilliant staue so probably not the same place. I BEGGED to stop there, ate a HUMONGOUS steak, and only got a few miles from the restaurant before I was sick as a sir-loin. Don’t ask…. Suffice it to say sick enough that it’s become a legendarry story among my closest of close pals. All you need to say is Sir-Loin and all eyes point to me.