8 Responses to “Cool Off with: YOUR MILK”

  1. Allee Willis


    The last thing I see this guy cooling off with is a big gulp of milk. I’m thinking beer would hit the spot more.

    Love the illustration of him. Really love everything about this. How much were they asking?

    Is it on cardboard?

    I love “Your Caption on Bottle”

  2. windupkitty

    Gorgeous! Of course, this reminds me of Chevy Chase doing a commercial for milk on SNL back in the day…”cause I know an ice cold glass of milk on a really hot day will give you a quick heart attack if you drink it too fast”…it went something like that…totally slayed me…i never forgot it…

  3. Celiene

    Very cool! It was a salesman’s sample for selling the sign to individual milk producers or dairies. Generic sign here, but they would add the milk brand on the bottle and under the guy – and you could market your own milk brand at your local store or dairy. Or probably even as billboards.

    I LOVE old advertising.