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Vintage picture of a couple enjoying snacks while lounging on a white rug

Submitted by denny August 16th, 2013
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That ugly lamp in the background kills me. I sure do love the gingerbread men adorning the table. I’d never eat them, though I wonder what they are made of? They look more like pretzel men to me…..OMG, I just noticed the cat eyeing the food on the table.

15 Responses to “Vintage picture of a couple enjoying snacks while lounging on a white rug”

  1. Allee Willis

    Classic in all ways. The bread looks dangerous.

    Am I crazy or is this an array of food only a host such as myself would combine and have the guts to serve? Let’s see… We have what looks like a plate of horribly cut up cauliflower with scallions laying dying on top next to some cranberry sauce or borscht with sour cream, two hefty gingerbread men, two ears of corn atop black olives – never quite seem them served that way before – escargot, the dangerous bread ring, cheap supermarket cheeses, a couple sticks of jerky and maybe some chicken or sweet rolls, hummus, raisins or capers, and God only knows what else is shoved on that gastronomic cornucopia of foods that should never be served together.

  2. denny

    Thank you for the Camembert Award!

    It looks like you could hurt someone with that loaf of bread. Such an odd selection of foods. I hope they are hungry.

  3. windupkitty

    Wow. Dens, I think it’s time for you and Ernie to set up a little reenactment photo shoot!!! I love that the gingerbread men appear to be wearing toupes!

  4. BRBill

    This one is just waaaay too weird for me to comprehend. I think they’re laying under the rug which is some sort of blanket as they appear to be on a mattress or futon….