5 Responses to “HAPPY KITSCHAWEENIE! It’s Halloween again here at awmok!”

  1. windupkitty

    hahaaha…hey QoK, just put an empty candy bowl on the porch with a note that says “please take one” ….that way no one will ever know you skipped out…so evil…so effective..i had a room mate that used to do that! Last year my neighbor put a sign on the front door that said HN1..I liked that one..of course you can’t ever answer the door in my hood anyway! All the kids head over the bridge to the nice neighborhoods which is good…gotta say, they are pretty darn cute!!!

  2. Planet Joan

    I was wondering what “stunts” are included in that fabulous Weenie Witch pamphlet. The nose on that Weenie Witch is great!