Hokus Pokus Liquor Store

Submitted by Planet Joan January 19th, 2014
Certifikitsch Winner

This neon sign is in a bad neighborhood in Alexandria Louisiana. The store has moved to a better part of town. I think it is a genie, moth or ghost at the top of the sign. Your guess is as good as mine. I haven’t driven by at night to see if it still works.The parking sign is across the street from the Hokus Pokus.

3 Responses to “Hokus Pokus Liquor Store”

  1. BRBill

    I’m familiar with the Hocus Pocus, been there, bought liquor, uh huh. Yes folks, back in the summer of 76 when your boy was working at Camp Hardtner up in the wilds of Central La, right near where Planet Joan lives, we used to make a break for Hocus Pocus between camp sessions. Run into town, stock up, head back to the woods and proceed to git on down, lounge around the pool, go take long hikes in the woods and sometimes get almost lost. Don’t remember too much about the decor Hocus Pocus though, it might have had those funky tile floors though, the kind you find in most of those old stores…and it was old, kinda run down. I remember the folks telling me about the place when they’d go to conventions in Alexandria. Might have been the only liquor store in town at the time, at least downtown if i recall correctly.
    The sign looks original except for the added “Lottery” part, that’s recent since the lottery has only been going on since the mid 90s(i think). Not sure what was in it’s place originally, if anything, maybe just a convenient place to advertise that without having to get a new sign. I’m thinking that’s a genie.