Blondie Girls “Pixieware”

Submitted by Nessa February 7th, 2014
Certifikitsch Winner

These girls are known among Pixieware collectors as “The Blondies”.  Their manufacturer is unknown and nobody even knows how many kinds were made or where they came from.  They aren’t super-rare but rare enough that these are the only ones I’ve ever seen in person.   They are all unique and hand painted with various color schemes.  I paid more for these than I usually do at the fleas, but the lady knows me so she gave me a good deal on both.

They are in great shape with spoons and necks uncracked and unglued.  Nice addition to my growing cute/kawaii ceramic collection.  There is also known to exist a Jam ‘n’ Jelly, a Ketchup, and one with no word on the front.  Maybe more are out there somewhere!  Also I think the mustard has a lot more brown in her hair than is normal for these girls.

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