Frankie Carle, Ridin’ the Rails

Submitted by windupkitty March 5th, 2014
Certifikitsch Winner

A Carle Load of anything is really stretching it, if you ask me and why they chose train cars instead of automobiles is beyond me. Maybe it’s an analogy for the incredible volume of hits? Or maybe these are hits that tend to be slow moving and rhythmic and sometimes full of vagrants?  Whatever the case, they certainly went to the mat to make this photo! I don’t think we’re talking green screens here folks! This really happened! And the fact that they brought in a rug printed with the song list is beyond cool. Please tell me that rug still exists and is in somebody’s foyer!

2 Responses to “Frankie Carle, Ridin’ the Rails”

  1. Allee Willis

    LOVE this cover rug!! Totally insane that the song titles are on the mat. Could they be any LESS readable??! And nothing like a nice relaxing piano Concerto with the train 8 feet away.

    I can only excuse the stretching of “Carle-load” to mean “car” loadBecause of the excellence of the rug.