Igi Poop and his Girlfriend

Submitted by BeeJay October 9th, 2014
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I know this isn’t really Kitsch, but as I know most of you fellow aKitschionados love animals as much as I do I hope sharing this is okay and will give you a smile.

I’m currently taking care of our neighbor’s pets while they’re in vacation, and these neighbors are also dear friends with a great sense of humor.
Since a few years they have a constant guest coming by when they feed their kitties outside on their porch, a hedgehog they named “Igi” (the german term for hedgehog is “Igel”) and Tobi and I gave him the last name “Poop”, cause aside eating this seems to be one of his favorite activities.

Just when they left for their vacation the little gentleman woke up from his winter rest and since two weeks I’m meeting him on the porch every evening. He’s very tame, not afraid of humans or kitties at all, and this year he introduced me to his  date, a little hedgepig lady we didn’t give a name yet.

Hedgehogs here in bavaria live in the wild and it always makes me smile when they come along to crash the outdoor kitty buffet!

2 Responses to “Igi Poop and his Girlfriend”

    • BeeJay

      They get very tame, take food out of your hand and some would even climb on your lap, but you have to be careful cause the wild ones often use to carry a lot of parasites like ticks, fleas and mites.

      When I was a kid we used to take some in to hibernate in boxes, but when we did so we always treated them with a lot of stuff before.