How I heard about you: I've always wanted to visit Boogie Wonderland, and wondered if its capitol was Funkytown. Seeing "Happy Feet" sent me directly to the record store looking for an Earth, Wind & Fire CD. (Or maybe it was first to the web to look for the lyrics.) So when I heard you on the Doria Biddle show (sorry, Frank) my ears perked up - all four. I was wearing one of those fox eared caps like the kids in animé sport. Anyway, I promptly took a shine to the concept of your site(s), and after visiting your blog, decided I had to participate. I hope the entry I am about to submit (as soon as I can figure out how to get the pics off the camera) will qualify. Admittedly, I think if falls into the category of kitschtentional, or maybe faux kitsch. Well, I've got work to do. More about me later.


Divining Kitsch

Perhaps my largest collection (unless you count the thousands I’ve spent on Lego-) is of Tarot decks. This is the one that is constant...