Artist, author and retired call girl, I am a colorful yet thoughtful character who cares passionately about personal freedom. An international sex worker rights activist, poet and sculptor, I left a 'morally acceptable' job with the LAPD in 1982 to crusade against police corruption and societal hypocrisy (think Eliot Spitzer and David Vitter) who disallow women to be sexual human beings in addition to everything else they are and can be. Oh, and did I mention that I am a convicted felon and served time with the Manson family women? You can see me interviewed by Ed Bradley on "60 Minutes" at Youtube: I make all kinds of doll characters like my "Dolls for Adults" and "Shady Characters©" Inmate Randyham (San Diego's moral hypocrite Randy Cunningham). I am a Halloween artist and make lots of bloody, gory characters which have been described as "Norman Rockwell meets Norman Bates."