Hawai’i’s Spam Cookbook by Ann Kondo Corum

Submitted by Tom September 10th, 2009
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Hawaiians are the #1 Spam Fan. This cookbook is a testament to their affinity for this discriminating delicacy. The author appears to have taken much care in gathering recipes from family, friends and other Spam lovers in her quest to compile the definitive Spam Cookbook.

This Hawaiian treasure includes reciped for sardines, corned beef, vienna sausage as well as Spam.

Richly illustrated with hand-drawn caricatures of Hawaiian locals enjoying this canned delight, the Spam Cookbook is as entertaining as it is appetizing.

My personal favorite illustrated recipe is “Super Macaroni and Cheese” found on page 48.

DSC_0058 DSC_0057

My personal copy was purchased used from Amazon.com, there are many copies available for those wanting to add this treasure to their own cookbook collection.

Published by Bess Press (c) 1987

12 Responses to “Hawai’i’s Spam Cookbook by Ann Kondo Corum”

  1. Allee Willis

    That illustration of Superspam is KILLING ME! This cookbook is brilliant! I’m one of the few people who would actually cook from it. Hmmmm. Spam or sardines for breakfast?…. I think I’ll go with Pop-Tarts.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    you have made me so hungry for spam and sardines and…dare i say it…the dreaded vienna sausages…and i am not joking…

    but, you see, i haven’t eaten vienna sausages in about three years since “the incident” late one night at ralph’s…

    …when i was pulling a can of vienna sausages off of a high shelf and suddenly – SPLASH!!! – i was COVERED from head to toe in vienna sausage juice. it seems that someone, either as a joke or as a way of eating vienna sausages in the store without paying for them, had opened a can or vienna sausages and then put it back on the shelf without the pull-top on it. so when i took it from the high shelf, the nasty smelly vienna sausage water gushed right in my face and then made its way down all over me.

    at that point i ran back into the nearby meat department and asked for some wet towels or paper towels…or something…ANYTHING…but it turned out that there was something of a “language barrier” between myself and the “after hours” employees of the ralph’s meat department. this, added to the fact that i am very observant and hence it became very clear that the late night employees of the meat department were not only refusing to help me in any way whatsoever, but they were also rather amused by my predicament (and halfheartedly trying to conceal their amusement), was quite traumatic, not in a longterm mentally debilitating way so much, but as for late night shopping at ralph’s goes (and, more importantly, eating vienna sausages), it was pretty bad…

    okay i feel much better after finally getting that off my chest…now where are the f***in’ vienna sausages, i’m hungry…

    (additional note: i prefer the vienna sausages that come in the barbecue sauce, but they are almost impossible to find other than in the south. and it actually occurs to me now for the first time that if the above incident had involved the barbecue sauce ones rather than the brothy juice ones, it perhaps would have been more disturbing, much more “carrie” like…so i suppose i was lucky in that sense…)