Turn on the sprinkler, lady.

Submitted by snappyp September 11th, 2009

watercolorsprinkler I am not sure if this qualifies for kitsch. The bad taste here is the husband letching on the bus stop lady while being less than 5 feet away from his wife. However, the wife has all the power as her hand is poised over the sprinkler controls. This painting captures an amazing moment for me. It is good and bad and could get worse all at once.

2 Responses to “Turn on the sprinkler, lady.”

  1. Allee Willis

    Photo is a little dark so hard to see detail but yes, the wife should let the sprinkler loose and cool down her man. Either that or she ought to get a pair short shorts and go wait for the bus herself. Is this an illustration or a painting?

  2. snappyp

    this is an amazing watercolor. I will try and upload a better version.
    And maybe by then that wife will have purchased her own pair of shorty shorts for the bus stop wait.