Beaver Bank, American Logs, and Yellow Sub(?)Stash Box…

Submitted by Planet67 September 14th, 2009

stashboxRedline hotwheels are my passion, and I found a 1976 red white and blue track set at an estate sale, but I did not have enough, then I spotted the purple stash box which I could afford, here it is.

logsThe logs were a recent gift from my mom and stepdad, they don’t exactly know how they got them…

beaverbankThe beaver was from my wife and I’s usual flea market stop in downtown old torrance we call “The little flea” It’s says “provident federal savings” on the banner… totally nutty!

One Response to “Beaver Bank, American Logs, and Yellow Sub(?)Stash Box…”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love all of these.
    The stash box looks really familiar.
    I remember always wanting to play with the logs but my parents steering me toward girlier items.
    And the teeth on the beaver kill me. Not to mention, what does a beaver have to do with a bank other than eating through any savings?
    Next time, though, submit your kitsch separately. Photos can be up to 500 pixels and this stuff is too beautiful to be featured in such small photos. All of it great though!