Zenith Clock / Lamp

Submitted by kookykitsch September 15th, 2009

ZenithI can’t help but wonder about the story behind this one. A Clock / Lamp combo advertising the Zenith brand, I understand. One might expect a fixture like this in a TV or radio repair shop. What perturbs me is the tacked on sign – “No Smoking In Bed Or Bunk.” So, where was this clock that had both beds and bunks where the occupants of said beds and bunks needed to be reminded not to smoke? How many places have beds and bunks in the same location anyhow? Was there some kind of Twilight Zone TV/radio/bed/bunk store where people kept smoking while trying out beds (or bunks) and watching Zenith TVs?

One Response to “Zenith Clock / Lamp”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m also intrigued by the framed painting or mirror or whatever it is below the multipurpose Zenith sign. Looks like some kind of insignia on there, like a Shriners something or a doorknocker. Also looks to either be a reflection or painting of wood paneling or some kind of curtain thing. In either case, impressive Kitsch.

    I also like the way the string pull is knotted up under the sign.

    I don’t have the answer to your beds and bunks being in the same location mystery or why a sign that’s usually in a place that deals with Zenith products is hanging over them. Let’s hope everybody had fun and watched a lot of television.