Vibrating Belt Massager

Submitted by kookykitsch September 15th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

Belt Massager
Just like any other akitschiandos with an active schedule of garage sales and thrift shops to hit, I like to do some training to keep in top form. When I’m ready for that extra workout, I hit the vibrating belt massager. Standing on the green shag carpet, I can feel this fine Montgomery Ward’s Deluxe model burning away the pounds, or at least making my skin really itchy.

2 Responses to “Vibrating Belt Massager”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is absolutely beautiful. And so pristine! I can only imagine the thrill of looking at that patterned vinyl on the front in person. And, of course, that one’s feet rest on green shag and eyes get to even glance at the words “Montgomery Ward‚Äôs Deluxe” make this a very enviable item. Because I see the cord stretched out I’m assuming it works too. The floor tiles compliment it nicely.

    Even I might “exercise” if I had this belt in my home.

  2. ricardo

    Wow! I remember my Mom using one of these, though it was as fancy looking! I don’t think she ever lost any weight. I wonder why she used it??