Youtube Comment/Spam Kitsch

Submitted by kanyekanyekanye September 17th, 2009

Picture 12This comment was left on Allee’s video “Pitsch Your Kitsch” today, so how appropriate – a company from China that professes the belief that “Credit is the First, Customers are our god”, and then request the patrons to come and “enter the site format! Be able to look at site!”

One Response to “Youtube Comment/Spam Kitsch”

  1. Allee Willis

    Don’t start me on YouTube comments. That’s one of the most screwed up interfaces I’ve ever seen. More frustrating than Facebook with the amount of malfunctions that occur. And that’s saying A LOT becaseu Facebook tech malfunctions TORTURE ME. Were it not for the fact that I enjoy Kitsch so much I would mind that abusive users like youkfrdw pollute the comments with stupid ads like this. But from the kitsch throne upon which I sit it all looks good to me, especially parked under a film called “Pitch Your Kitsch”.