Go go Gorby!

Submitted by kookykitsch September 18th, 2009

Back from the days when Glasnost was all the rage, we’ve got this piece of emerging capitalism, the Michael “Gorby” Gorbachev talking doll. No joking with the funny one-liners, this fellow has quotes such as “The Soviet Union & the U.S. … simply cannot affort confrontation with each other.” and “I had an idea – an idea to change our society on the inside… and to do so on the basis of new realities.” So, at least lil Gorby maintains an appropriate level of gravitas. Also, note the attention to detail – in addition to the famous “spot”, he’s sporting appropriate eastern European fashions – a leather jacket, striped shirt, corduroy pants and what may or may not be Doc Martens.

2 Responses to “Go go Gorby!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love that he’s in a leather jacket probably left over from a Ken doll. That red thing on his head always freaked me out and now that it’s interpreted as dripping like blood the effect is even more so.

    I’m assuming he talks with an accent. Do you know what year this was made? Was there a matching Reagan doll?

  2. kookykitsch

    He was made in 1990. Sadly, there’s no “try me” button, so I don’t know how he sounds. On one hand it would be great if they used actual recordings of Gorbachev. On the other hand it would be amazing if it was some fake Yakov Smirnoff voice over work.

    No idea if there was a Reagan, but if there is, I hope it’s got the “We begin bombing in five minutes” gaffe.