Various and sundry

Submitted by kookykitsch September 20th, 2009

Various and sundry items, mostly from estate sales. My personal favorites are the Shinola shoe polish (which I can differentiate from sh*t) and Prince Albert tobacco (Do you have Prince Albert in a can? Let him out!) Other miracle slaves, potions, pastes and potentially carcinogenic items fill out the collection. The one with the strangest story may be the Tickle deodorant, which I found in a Montreal thrift store, partially used. This meant that someone had to deem it worth donating, someone else decided it was sale-able, and yet a third person (me!) was actually willing to buy it.

2 Responses to “Various and sundry”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have oodles of this stuff too. I absolutely love sundry things in cans so have many similar looking shelves. I never heard of Tickle deodorant. For the name alone – who on earth would want to be assured of a tickling sensation under their arms at all times? – I’m hoping you will take a separate photo of this and submit it. In addition to the name, the shape and color conspire to elevate this product to the highest rung of Kitsch.