Wooden sculpture of a deer and mountain lion

Submitted by jack September 20th, 2009
deer mountainlion

This is a hand carved figure that I picked up a few years ago for a pretty cheap at a thrift store. If you look at it from the corner it doesn’t appear to be of anything in particular, but depending on which side you look at straight on you will see a mountain lion or a deer. I was curious to its origins, so after googling the name carved into it I found out that it was created by a Mexican artist named Guillermo Kuhn Sanchez in 1987. This one is numbered 55/250. After looking a little more into the artist I found he created several different carvings. I would love to get a few more of these.

11 Responses to “Wooden sculpture of a deer and mountain lion”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow, those are wild! Especially carved on the curvy wood, some of which looks like it could be molding. You should absolutely track down more of this guy’s work. The Internet’s so fantastic because you can track down stuff like this ( among many other reasons). It’s crazy how it all fits together and how it looks like different things from different angles.

  2. gino g

    where did you find information about mr sanchez? i have been looking for him for a few years. i used to work at a store in san antonio tx about 13 yrs that sold a lot of his work. the store has since closed. we used to buy directly from mr sanchez and i had him design a piece for me. i am trying to locate him about producing them. if you have any info about him i would appreciate the help.