Retro-vintage-soviet-ethno-wine/vodka/something barrel

Submitted by Bartolome September 24th, 2009
Retro ethno wine/vodka/something(?) barrel

I’ve found it by the dustbins near my block. I don’t know how anyone could have thrown away that awesome retro-vintage-soviet-ethno-wine/vodka/something barrel. People are heartless.

retro-vintage-soviet-ethno-wine/vodka/something barrel IMG_5055

7 Responses to “Retro-vintage-soviet-ethno-wine/vodka/something barrel”

  1. Allee Willis

    This fits the older, more classic definition of ‘Kitsch” – less of a pop culture phenomenon and more of something that is just decorated to the nines. I’m so happy you rescued this beauty. It’s so nutty what people throw out but thank God they do because we come along to rescue it and give it a very happy home. Great photos of the retro-vintage-soviet-ethno-wine/vodka/something barrel too!

  2. Howie Pyro

    is it really tiny? maybe it fell out of someones pocketbook! haha…i was wondering…how do you get multiple photos in on submission? every time i try the other pics are just a large blank box with that tiny blue question mark in the middle…thanks!

  3. Allee Willis

    @Howie- Still on it at this end. I’ve been doing press all day today (LA Weekly and HDTV) and my tech has been all tied up too. A bunch of people have multiple photos up but someone else had the same problem a few days ago so let me see what I can find out. If anyone else has any ideas let me know them too.

  4. Allee Willis

    Ok, Howie. It was a really tiny setting in a plugin that was causing this problem. Supposedly found and fixed so pls. try again. Thank you, awesome retro-vintage-soviet-ethno-wine/vodka/something barrel, for letting us have this conversation here.

  5. Bartolome


    My barrel is pleased, that could help, while doing nothing. :-D Great that everything works good. :-)

    Allee, it depends how we understand pop culture phenomenon. If we’ll think of it as world pop culture, then sure, my barrel isn’t one, but if ‘pop’ can be popular for instance in one country, then sweet barrel of mine is surely that kind of Kitsch. I’m explaining right now. In Poland, where I live, things with similar patterns were made in bulk. From wooden cups and cutlery to… well to barrels. :-D I’m sure, I’ve got somewhere… a thing… well, I don’t know how to call it in English… It’s like small box, container (really small, like 1×0.5in) where you put sewing needles (if I’ll find it, I’ll take photos). Even that kind of things were made from wood with patterns like that. It was really popular here till 80’s. And if I could think of any reason why people get rid of that now, is that they connect it with communist regime of that times.

    Howie, no, it’s not that tiny. :-D Unless you’ve got giant pocketbook, or if you are giant (but I haven’t seen one lately since the beanstalk was cut ;-) ).

    Take care and long live the Kitsch! :-)