His & Hers Mod Kooky Comb

Submitted by Howie Pyro September 23rd, 2009

8324_1164033672642_1581873696_403955_2154681_ntake it anywhere! it’s what’s happening! be part of the scene! be hip & groovy…know where it’s at….oy vey…how they tried to shove the hollywood version of 60’s ideals down our brady bunch throats in the early 70’s!

5 Responses to “His & Hers Mod Kooky Comb”

  1. Allee Willis

    Thank God I own this komb or I’d be very jealous right now. I actually just took extensive photos of the one I have and am about to feature it on my Kitsch O’ The Day blog. Mine is also still in the original cellophane. At the time I found it I had a chance to get two of them which I wish I had done as I’d love to hang this around my neck and use it on the one side of my hair that needs combing. But when I find something with pristine packaging I always like to leave it as such. I guess I’ll just have to ‘be hip and groovy’ and ‘know it’s at’ by looking at this great Kitsch submission.

  2. Chotchke

    I’m honored to have my first item accepted into the AWMOK– clearly “I know where it’s at.” (Is anyone else impressed with the correct use of apostrophes on the packaging copy 2 out of 3 times? (“Whats” didn’t make the cut.)