Candy Heads

Submitted by jack September 25th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner
candyheads1 candyheads2 candyheads3

Various candy containers from throughout the 80s. About 2/3 of the ones shown here still contain the original candy too. The movies and TV shows represented in the sets shown are E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Howard the Duck, Batman, The Smurfs, Max Headroom, Little Shop of Horrors, Gremlins, Harry and the Hendersons, ALF, and RoboCop.

6 Responses to “Candy Heads”

  1. Allee Willis

    I never got into these as I was such a non-stop writing fool in the 80s I didn’t have time to unscrew a body or twist the head off. I could barely break long enough to reach for the M&M’s where no unwrapping was required.

    I love how many of these you have and that candy is still located inside many of them. Is all the candy the same and are they those round little multicolored pearls?

  2. Howie Pyro

    there was an amazing series of 80’s candy heads called the barfo family! a totally devo atomic 50’s looking family of heads that barfed candy out! that’s how i remember it…i have a couple somewhere…i’ll look…

  3. jack

    They are either the multicolored pearls you described or like Sweet Tarts. The pearl ones have stood well through time, but the Sweet Tart ones have crumbled quite a bit. The ALF one had candies shaped liked cats if I remember correctly, but that is one of the empty ones.