Oy vey, it’s Kinder Spiel

Submitted by kookykitsch September 25th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

My husband grew up in New York, near a large orthodox Jewish neighborhood. When visiting with his relatives, we often go there for a good babka, knish, or other comfort foods. One time, we decided to pop in to a Judaica shop. In the back, behind the menorahs, mezuzahs and other finery, was a kids’ section. There was a fascinating collection of driedls, plush Star of David dolls, and even the Bubbe and Zeyde action figures, but this board game stood out for sheer strangeness. It’s called “Shabbat Seuda”, which means Sabbath Feast, and it’s by a company called Kinder Spiel. What drew us to it are the two hasidic boys, with the sidelocks and suits, playing make believe shabbos. What the heck was that photo-shoot like? “OK, Moishe, look excited about that chopped liver! Yonkel, make eye contact with the gefilte fish!” And somewhere, are there young boychiks who have this down on the top of their Hanukkah gift wish list? Oy vey!

2 Responses to “Oy vey, it’s Kinder Spiel”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love this! Love the story! Love the little balding boy in the foreground. Though it looks more like he has a plate of giant sausage and Sloppy Joe’s. I love the cuts on the gefilte fish with the pimento or red pepper or whatever it is in the middle and that giant fish next to it. The gefilte fish I was served always looked like a lumpy baseball – though, without question, it’s still one of my favorite foods to this day. I love the concept of the game, practicing for the Sabbath, and the fact that “no reading is required”. I have probably been a little better behaved on Friday nights and Saturday if Sloppy Joe’s had been part of the tradition.